Consulting: Brand development

Identity: Slogans, core values, tone, content creation

Planning: Brainstorming, media plans

Research: Analytics, evaluations



Branding: Logo and brand identity

Copywriting: Advertising, articles, press releases

Photography: Image shooting and editing

Videography: Video shooting and editing

Social Media: Branded templates for your digital campaign

Large Format: Pop-up Banners, signage, billboards

Print: Business cards, brochures, posters, folders, cards, invitations, envelopes, labels, letterheads

Direct Mail: End of year appeals, post cards, flyers, promotions

Broadcast: Radio, TV, Video

Digital: Powerpoints, online ads + more



Websites: Hosting, Domain and CPanel

Design: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign

CMS: WordPress Expert

Project Management Software: JIRA